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Eco tourism & solidarity

In a world where ecological tourism is booming, for Cape Verde it is not a style but it is a necessity.

When you see its rough landscapes, its fauna and flora hardly preserved needless to say that to keep its authenticity Cape Verde needs responsible tourists.

Sol e Cidade wants to be an ambassador of ecological tourism and solidarity in Cape Verde and that is why we educate our travelers to our commitments :

Protect the environment

Despite the beautiful landscapes that can be seen when it rains, Cape Verde lacks a lot of water. That’s why we ask you to respect this resource and to use only what you need. And in order to limit waste, Sol e Cidade commits itself by offering you reusable water bottles during your stay to avoid the accumulation of plastic waste.



Help the development of the local economy

Bring only what is needed and leave room for craft souvenirs. What it is better than to leave with your own sculpture made on the lava of Fogo or with your bottle of local rum. By making you live the Cape Verde culture closer to the inhabitants we invite you to leave with a personalized memory that will directly benefit the population.



Share moments with locals

At Sol and Cidade we like to link useful with pleasure. It is therefore to make your stay unique and unforgettable that we offer you the opportunity to spend a day with a resident and share his daily life. 

You will be enjoyed by the good atmosphere during the planting and the landscapes are breathtaking when you take the ewes to graze.

Trust us and become a responsible traveler.

Our solidarity actions

  • Donations of school materials
  • Donations of sanitary materials
  • Development of a football school
  • Language courses

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