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Good advices

A good trip starts with a good preparation. At Sol e Cidade, we guide you step by step to make you live this trip to Cape Verde at its best. Travel without worry thanks to this checklist. Our team is at your disposal to simplify the departure formalities.

To take away

During your stay in Cape Verde, you should bring light clothing, sunscreen, a good pair of shoes for mountain walks and a small medicine kit. You can plan some useful gifts for the children during your trip, such as pens, notebooks, summer clothes or shoes: they will always be very appreciated. Do not distribute them in the streets, as this would encourage children to beg.    They can be given during our solidarity days or give them to the parents of the families you meet.


When to go to Cape Verde?

Cape Verde can be visited delightfully all year round. To enjoy the most interesting conditions, it is better to visit Cape Verde at the end of the rainy season, between late September and mid-November: the drought is less severe, the winds are less violent and nature is covered with the luxuriant green that gives its name to the country. Temperatures are typically tropical with no cool season, although there are small variations throughout the year: the coolest months are from December to April (between 20°C and 25°C on average) and the hottest between May and August (between 25°C and 35°C). The seawater temperature is between 23 and 26°C all year round.



For your trip to Cape Verde no vaccination is required but the classics including hepatitis A and B are recommended. All travellers going to Cape Verde through Senegal must be vaccinated against yellow fever and have an up-to-date health record.

– Drink only bottled mineral water, which is easily available. Cape Verde’s health conditions remain an example for all African countries.

The emergency kit:

Tablet against headaches, anti diarrhea, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, non-irritating cream, a little disinfectant and some plasters in case of a fall.

Our teams are constantly at your disposal for first aid.



Local exchange

Count 110.27cve (escudos) for 1 euro, 125.90cve for 1£ and 96cve for 1$

You will find notes of 2000, 1000, 500 and 200 escudos, as well as coins of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 escudos.

Life is not particularly expensive in Cape Verde: for example, count 100cve for a bottle of mineral water or a beer, 50cve for a coffee.



Time of flight

7h minimum from Paris, London, Geneva, Brussels with 1 stopover: TAP, Royal Air Maroc,

7h direct flight from Boston: TACV




Citizens of EU countries and United Kingdom are exempt from visa for stays of less than 30 days.

A registration on the official website must be done beforehand. During this registration the regulation of the TSA (airport security tax)is required for the the amount of 3 400cve so 31 €.

Travelers who do not enter the list of visa-exempt countries must pay a visa of 25 € on premises and the TSA of 31 € on the web site.


Time difference

2 hours in winter – 3 hours in summer for european countries (GTM-1)

1 hour of difference from London

4 hours of difference from Boston

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