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Our solidarity actions

You can mention in your reservation request if you wish to include a solidarity actions in your program.

To carry out solidarity actions in the school sector, the agency is in partnership with two primary schools in the region of North Santiago and a school in the village of Mosteiro (Fogo). Thanks to the school representatives , we organize educational afternoons with the children. During these afternoons, the travellers learn the basics of Cape Verdean culture through songs, dances and some dishes. The interaction between children and visitors allows a linguistic enrichment on both sides. These days are one of the highlights of a stay. There is emotion in both children and visitors. The bonds that are created are very strong and it is not uncommon for visitors to keep in touch with the children or teachers after their stay.
During these days, donations* are given to the school representatives. These can be classic school supplies (notebooks, pens, erasers, wooden crayons, coloured pencils, rulers etc.) or supplies for the teaching staff (markers, chalk, felt pens, books, cardboard, etc.).

Cape Verde is one of the African countries with the best sanitary conditions. However, due to its insularity, access to health care and basic necessities is difficult for most of the population. The reason is mainly financial, as imported products are very expensive. For the visitors who wish it, several actions are possible because we work on 3 different levels:
⦁ Hospitals and dispensaries
⦁ Nurseries and schools (first aid kit)
⦁ Families caring for elderly people or several young children

For these 3 types of partners, the collection of donations* focuses on the following elements:
⦁ Alcohol or disinfectant                            ⦁ Hygienic protection
⦁ Compress, plaster                                  ⦁ Urinary protection for the elderly
⦁ Baby diaper and wipe                             ⦁ Thermometers
⦁ Gloves

On the island of Santiago, we have entered into a partnership with Onildo Moreira. He works at the town hall of Ribeira Grande de Santiago and has the wonderful project of developing a football school in the fishing village of Porto Mosquito.
Through sports education, he wishes to raise the village’s youth to give them ambition and a better living environment. It is to compensate for the lack of employment and the excessive use of alcohol among young people that he wishes to give them a serious occupation through sport and to highlight the talents of these young people.

équipe solecidade

Football being a common practice in Cape Verde, it is by this sport that he made the choice to start but very quickly some people showed an interest in volleyball and hand ball. It is to help the social development of this village that we help Onildo developed this football school which is called “NazaPorto”. We regularly give him some basic equipment such as: balls, whistles, blocks, needles to inflate the balls etc…
The ones they also need right now:
⦁ Full equipment (Soccer jersey, shorts, sock, shoe)
⦁ Chasubles
⦁ Shin guards
⦁ Armband
⦁ Scales

*  Donations are brought:
⦁ By travellers who come with it directly in their suitcases.
⦁ By the agency that harvests donation crops twice a year.
⦁ By the agency that buys them thanks to the solidarity part invoiced in the solidarity stays

Join us for the volunteer program

Sol e Cidade is looking for volunteers who want to work on the sea turtle conservation project on the island of Santiago under the supervision of the non-governmental organization Lantuna.
Cape Verde has a total of 5 species of turtles that come to visit us and all of them are critically endangered. These dangers can vary from the illegal poaching of adults and eggs to the overexploitation of their populations for illegal tourist activities. They also face habitat loss, death in fishing nets, troubles due to human activities, sea and beach pollution, climate change etc.

With your help, we can initiate actions of signalling, measuring and monitoring nests on the beaches, monitoring the beaches at the time of egg-laying to avoid poaching, helping to return to the ocean when the eggs have hatched.

A magnificent human adventure in total harmony with the nature.

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