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The islands of Cape Verde

Located along the coast of Senegal, the archipelago of Cape Verde is a true paradise with a thousand faces and landscapes. Trust the experienced vision of the agency Sol e Cidade to discover and feel the “petit pays” of Cesaria Évora.

The barlavento islands (windward islands)

Santo Antão is the largest of the Barlavento islands located on the northern part of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Agriculture is the island’s main resource. While the north is green and covered with terrace crops, the south is mineral and desert. This island is one of the most recommended for hiking thanks to the wonderful panorama it offers.

The birthplace of singer Cesaria Evora, São Vicente (in Creole: Soncente) is the second most populated island in Cape Verde after Santiago. São Vicente is also known for the Baía das Gatas Music Festival, which takes place on the first full moon weekend in August. Mindelo, the main city of the island is known as the cultural capital of Cape Verde. The island,should be visited to discover the main part of the artistic cultur of Cape Verde.

The small island of Santa Luzia, with an area of 35 km², is a beautiful desert and uninhabited island with white sandy beaches. The last inhabitants of the island left it after a terrible drought in the 1980s. Several attempts to revive the island have failed due to the serious lack of water. Nowadays, the island is the place for biological studies and research on endemic especies.

The island of Sao Nicolau is little known as she stay in the shaddow of Sao Vicente. But for sure that’s what makes Sao Nicolau a unique and very endearing island. Sao Nicolau is the island that has preserved all the traditions and customs of Cape Verde. It is definitely, the unic place where you can find untouch spot and enjoy amazing sunset.

Sal owes its current name to the discovery of salt in Pedra de Lume in 1833. This island is very popular for tourists who love the sandy areas and large resorts. Only 6 hours by direct flight from Paris, this island is perfect if you want a Farniente holiday.

For surf and other sliding sports lovers, the beaches of Sal like Santa Maria beach, are excellent spots and regularly host sports competitions.

Boa Vista is the most easterly island of the Cape Verde archipelago, more or less 500 km from the African continent (Senegal).
Full of dunes that give them a lunar landscape, the island has 55 km of beautiful beaches with white sand and emerald green water. As it is less visited than Sal, you can enjoy an exceptional seaside resort in complete privacy. The island also offer exceptionnal spot for scuba diving.


The sotavento islands (leeward islands)

Maio is an island that has managed to remain wild despite its proximity to the capital Praia. Here, silence is king and scuba diving remains the main touristic activity. Moreover, when you see the impressive number of turtles coming to lay their eggs on the beaches of Praia Preta, Praia Real and when you admire the dunes shaping the landscape, you can only be reassured that this magnificent island is pure and clean.

Out of the ten islands of the Archipelago 9 are habitable and the island of Santiago is the most populated and the largest one.

On this authentic island you will be welcomed by the “Badius”, this Cape Verdean word was used to designate the slaves who were called “vadios” in Portuguese. Today this noble name refers to a people who are not crossbreeded, warm and joyful. On every face, on every street corner and in every village and valley you can read the story of the Capeverdeans. Their lives are punctuated by agriculture (corn, sugar cane, banana, mango, beans etc…), fishing and music!

Santiago combines white and black sandy beaches and imposing mountains. No need to wait any longer to let yourself be transported by this exotic and lively walk.

The island of Fogo, which owes its name to the volcano it shelters, looks like a piece of moon that has fallen from the sky. From São Filipe, the main city, to Chã das Caldeiras, a small village located at the base of the immense volcano still in activity, you will have plenty for yomping as you which. The island is very famous for its excellent coffee and tasty wine.

Welcome to the smallest island in Cape Verde: Brava the wild, is also called the island of flowers. Located behind Fogo, it can be accessed only by ferry. Its isolation gives it a unique mysterious charm. A tiny piece of land planted with a thousand flowers, Brava offers beautiful walks from Nova Sintra in a very steep environment and a pleasure of swimming in the natural pools of Faja de agua.

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