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The desert of Viana – Boa Vista

The desert of Viana – Boa Vista

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The oceanic winds constantly carry immense volumes of sand from the African continent, and deposit them on the island of Boa Vista, due to the shape of the landscape and its proximity to the continent. The lunar landscape, amplified by the total lack of artificial sounds, makes this place an obligatory and unavoidable place to visit in Cape Verde. A few steps away from civilization and without any danger, the Viana desert is the guarantee of a pure moment of relaxation, meditation and escape.

2 heures
7+ Age
  • Dress Code
    chaussures de randonnée-coupe vent-chapeau
  • Included
    Change of scenery
    Thrilling experience
  • Not Included
    Culinary discovery
    Emotion and human experience
    Fauna and flora
    Solidarity moment
    Sustainable activity

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